Maybe Siddhartha knows why man is suffering

Maybe Siddhartha knows why man is suffering. But he may not know why they are so attracted to pain and suffer. They tend to make it happens, even when it is not going to be so.
Then, they will learn a lesson. Yet the lesson may continue over and over again. He called it infinite pain & suffering.
May them, who still trying to exaggerate their invisible-ego-pain-and-suffering to receive the blessing.

5 Thoughts to “Maybe Siddhartha knows why man is suffering

  1. Are you too young too read religions? People of your age are supposed to workship Sơn Tùng and Hồ Ngọc Hà and Uyên Linh and the like.

    1. worship nha mr.H :3. mà cả Uyên Linh với ST với HNH đâu có cùng thời đâu ạ :)))

  2. I think we are not young generally speaking 🙂 We are 2016 years-old from Christ, in term of experiences.
    The singers, can give us some inspiration by music. But music is music, it may and may not be related to life style. 🙂

  3. everything can be related to lifestyle dear :).. and compared to foreign kids, 20 is considered old already

  4. They have a mutual relation. The physical, spiritual things around you reflect & affect your life. That it 😉

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