I’ve been on strike from voting since Bush and finding out that the system is rigged

I’ve been on strike from voting since Bush and finding out that the system is rigged. I’m not going to waste my time and energy on a vote that doesn’t count. Instead I will be using my time and energy to focus on peace. I will be in meditation as much as possible tomorrow. Raising our vibes will assist in raising the collective vibes. That’s my way of voting. What this country needs is PEACE (in place of fear and anger) not another puppet to do the Rothschild’s bidding. Who’s coming with me?

31 Thoughts to “I’ve been on strike from voting since Bush and finding out that the system is rigged

  1. Or you could #votegreen and help the Green Party push passed the 5% mark and then your Vote counts towards a good candidate in Jill Stein and does not support war, gmo’s and big banks… just a suggestion. <3

    1. I am aware of the third party but I don’t vote period. No matter who I would vote for, it won’t count.

  2. While I agree on a National level, there are still measures that have direct impact locally that are important to support. 1.2 Billion for homeless projects here in LA, Legalizing weed, etc. As for the presidential ridiculous farce? I’m still praying for a meteor to deal with it.

  3. Vote Humane Party Vote Clifton Roberts. Give him a platform to fight for us vegans in government. Someone who will finally speak the word Veganism and Animal Rights in Government. Let’s prepare for 2020 if you want an ethical revolution. We are 16 million vegans and vegetarians… imagine what we can do !!!!! ❤️

  4. Why do you get out of the responsibility of making sure that a dictator wannabe doesn’t become president. How did you get that pass?

  5. We don’t get to choose the President lol we never have. It’s an illusion. The President has already been chosen. Local politics however, are a different story.

  6. there has not been a president elected in the nation since the 1890s – Maybe sometime you can read this article from over a decade ago which will explain it to some degree for you. The international fiat banking cartel RULES THIS PLANET – when you have the power to control the global population thru central banking , do you really think it matters one fuck who the president is ? Love to all good people and fight the power – http://www.serendipity.li/jsmill/us_corporation.htm

  7. Our electoral system isn’t an illusion, and it is not a rigged system. We have an electoral college that was founded in our constitution in the 1700s. Your vote does count in the popular vote, and your elector representative from the electoral college has pledged to cast his or her vote according to the popular vote. The sort of misinformation in your post is dangerous, as it dissuades Americans from fulfilling their civic duty to vote. I appreciate energy work, but “vibes” are not going to stop Donald Trump from being elected president. Your vote, however, will.

  8. Trump won’t win. Hillary has already been announced as the “winner” Funny how that happens before the actual day of elections. Oh, but don’t worry, your vote will still count lol

  9. Oh and I don’t know everything, not even close. I do however know enough to think for myself, use my own discernment, question and research things for myself instead of blindly believe everything the government tells me.

  10. Edmond Burke said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that enough good [people] do nothing.” I’m sad to inform you that you are part of the problem if you aren’t part of the solution.

  11. It does count Sarah. There will be statistics taken to show what happened. Also, if they get 5% of the vote they receive matching funds. Your action is part of what the establishment wants.

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