At their joint press conference in Warsaw today

At their joint press conference in Warsaw today, standing next to the Polish Prime-Minister, who is currently busy cracking down on the freedom of press in his country, Trump casually asked him if he, too, happened to experience the same horribly unfair treatment the “fake media” in the US subjects him, Trump, routinely, on a daily basis. CNN, in particular, he complained. But then, NBC is just as terrible, in all fairness, even though he’d made tons of money for the network with his smash hit The Apprentice. Ungrateful and dishonest people. But now their ratings are going down, because lying about him, Trump, is proving less profitable than running The Apprentice.
As for Russia, Trump suggested to the dishonest and fake US journalist impertinent enough to ask a Russia-related question, it probably was indeed Russia who interfered with the US elections, but it could have been other countries, as well. Although it probably was Russia… or some other countries, who knows. Impossible to tell. In any event, all this talk about those supposed seventeen US agencies in the US that presumably had fingered Russia, he, Trump, always felt that was an awfully high number, seventeen, does the US even have that many, so he asked his people to do some heavy research, and it turned out there were only three of them, those agencies, not seventeen. Three, rather than seventeen — feel the difference.
It’s OK, apparently, for Trump to badmouth his own intelligence agencies on foreign soil, as well as to blame Obama for not, you know, doing anything about Russian hacking, ostensibly, but have absolutely no problem with Putin, upon his direct orders the unprecedented mass-scale cyber-attack on American democracy was carried out.
“Extraordinary!” the TV pundits are exclaiming. “Unprecedented!”
Well, sure, extraordinary and unprecedented, but only if one were to accept the erroneous assumption that the current occupant of the White House is a legitimate American President even remotely interested in his thankless role as the main defender of the US Constitution and American sovereignty, etc,; all that other such boring stuff — rather than a mentally ill, mendacious grifter firmly in the pocket of the authoritarian ruler of America’s number-one enemy.